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Welcome to my site. I'm married to Alan Cracknell and we're both retired.
In March 2003 we moved to Bundaberg in Queensland (Australia). Previously we were in Adelaide and before that Darwin for 15 years. We've  lived in all sorts of interesting places.  Until now, Darwin  in the Northern Territory was our favourite, but Bundaberg is definitely the place we're happy to be retired in.
That's me below  enjoying a Darwin sunset from Nightcliff rocks. (1996)
Our interests include gardening, family history, reading and computing. I like writing as well and I'm gradually  adding some of my short family stories to the site  - They're written as a means of documenting some family history for the grandchilden, but I'm told they're interesting to all.  I hope you enjoy them.
Our family includes a daughter, son-in-law, and  three grandsons

I also had an older brother - Fred - who sadly died in April 2000. He was  only 57. I've added a couple of photos on a tribute page - see 'Fred Stevens' link on the right.
My brother - Fred Stevens
My Parents - Fred and Ethel Stevens
My Grandparents -
Fred and Lucy Stevens
My husband - Alan Cracknell
Memories /Stories
My Dad the Cattle Drover
Welcome to Lynda Cracknells Home Page
Click here for short bio (under development)
My childhood home at Dorrigo
Memory Stones
The Dorrigo to Glenreigh Train
My Grandparents -
James and Laura Connelly
The Second Seven Years
My Sister-in-law's alternate clothing and NewAge shop on the Gold Coast Queensland
My Grandsons
My daughter and son-in-law

The following links are for those interested in Cracknell family research. If you know of others, please
email me   to have them added.
An email group established by a Cracknell in the UK - Cracknells from anywhere are welcome.
The following links are for those interested in Stevens family research. Please
let me know if there are more I should add.
A message board for Cracknell researchers
Resume / CV
Giver of Alms?
The Pioneer Homestead
Mothers Mine
Some faraway places and people I like to visit
Ella Wheeler Wilcox - 1850-1919. A popular American poet whose verse I discovered in the 1960's. Her work can still provide comfort or inspiration when I need it. Look for 'Whatever is -- is best' - one of my favorites.
Barbara Hambly - I've always enjoyed science finction novels - and Barbara writes all,  including fantasy, science fiction, and historical novels. (And besides,  Barbaras' mum Flo reads this page so I wanted to include a link to a web page which celebrates her famous daughter).
Helen Darville - a controversial author, and a person I admire for her strength, tenacity,  and apparent willingness to thumb her nose at 'the establishment'. Helen's original site at the Uni of Queensland is no longer available, but it has been archived  in 'Pandora' at the Australian National Library. Click on Helen's name to visit, and look out for her article on "Euthanasia, Liberalism and Freedom of Choice" and "Who not to vote for next time".. You should also visit the 'Fairfax are Yellow' pages for some interesting reading. It includes some of Helens  more recent articles. 
Here are some of the sites I like to visit, and I think you'll like them too. Just remember when you're through, to hit your browsers 'back' button and come back here. Enjoy.
Click here to Email Me !
My Favourite Sayings and Quotes -  Perhaps you can contribute more?
Smile Awhile - Peek at my 'funny file' - mostly in verse
For descendants of Lucy and Frederick Stevens or descendants of other branches of the same family.
Don't know whether it's your family or not? Well, it's an open email group, so you can have a look at previous messages, and ask to join if you think you belong. My grandparents Frederick and Lucy Stevens came to Australia in 1879. See their page link on the right.
Where I'm usually to be found these days
- at my computer at home
The Pendant
Some more sites to visit - these are owned by interesting Australians
Clem Tompson is a very interesting person - read his 'interesting life' account - you'll be glad you did. And a browse through his pages on the two great wars and his fathers involvement are a treasure to fellow Australians who want to understand our history at a more personal level.
With sadness, I advise that our friend Bruce Hannaford died in April 2003. The site link I had here no longer works, but if you use Google to search on "Bruce Hannaford" I'm sure you'll find cached links for many years to come. RIP Bruce, and our sincere sympathy to Bruce's family.
Bruce Hannaford
lived in Adelaide. I included Bruce's  site  because  I respected the fact that he was prepared to speak up and be counted on issues of concern. Just hope I can have the same enthusiasm and fire when I'm in my eighties. Very thought provoking stuff - even if you disagree.
Disclaimer ! I find lots of people interesting - Some resemble Mother Theresa, others could belong to the KKK - please,  just because you find them here, don't assume I share their  views.
Dorrigo - My Dreaming
Lockhart (Les) Olsen. Les is one of my distant cousins who shares a link to the Sherringham family. Les's radio site will interest Amateur radio buffs and railway enthusiasts will enjoy reading his interesting railway pages. There's also a tramways page.
Jenny and David Macnaughton are both Artists, Jenny being well known for her watercolours, painting classes and books. David paints in oils and is also an amateur radio enthusiast. Please visit their site to view some of Jenny and Davids work. Also visit my story 'The Train Trip' to see Jennys' watercolour of the Dorrigo to Glenreigh train - included with her kind permission.
Just Verse
Fictional Short Stories
The Tapestry
The Peacock Throne
Click for Bundaberg, Queensland Forecast
Another artist who is a great favourite with me is Kevin Best OAM. Kevin paints images of the Australian bush, mountains and oceans which I really love. His paintings of sheep and cattle country in particular bring back vivid memories of my late dad - a  cattle dealer and drover in Northern NSW, and my life on sheep  properties in western NSW. More info. Check out Kevin's interpretation of a historic event over 50 years ago when we took a mob of cattle down the Dorrigo mountain. Click here on My Dad the Cattle Drover to see my story and Kevin's painting. Kevin hasn't got a decidated site at the moment, but you can find  information through Google ,  and eBay Australia frequently carries his prints - including the very high quality Giclee replicas. Also check out the originals for sale on Kevin Hill's site - along with the work of other noted Australian artists.

Another site to check out for Kevin Bests' prints and originals is
At Home with Art- Lee is Melbourne based - do visit her site to see some of Kevin's work .
Why not visit my Web Log (blog) to checkout my views on politics and topical issues, the garden, the dog...... who knows what you'll find? Click here to visit. Don't forget to bookmark my Web Log as well as my Home Page, and come back often. 
The Outdoors Bloke
Barbara Schmidt. Barb is a clairvoyant and spiritual teacher living near Bundaberg. Her interesting web site explains her work in Psychic Development, Naming Ceremonies, Life Readings for children, Dedication ceremonies and her Funeral celebrant services. Click on Barbara's name to visit her site. I've had a reading done by Barbara, and can honestly say I'm impressed.